JUDr. Michal Basík, státní zástupce OMOP, Nejvyšší státní zastupitelství, email: basik@nsz.brn.justice.cz

The article briefly reports on the new legislation on the status of crime victims as embedded in the new Act No. 45/2013, Coll. It focuses especially on new elements of the Act, reflecting its impact on criminal proceedings. It points to problematic features that can cause considerable complications in the practice of criminal proceeding bodies and, as a consequence, cause prolongation of criminal proceedings, or negatively influence the finding of relevant facts, or weaken the position of the accused and simultaneously increase the costs of criminal proceedings borne by the state. The expected impact of the new legislation in relation to the course of criminal proceedings is generally assessed rather negatively. The aim of the article is also to warn of unpremeditated changes of the rules of procedure.