Přemysl Polák, státní zástupce MO, Nejvyšší státní zastupitelství, email: polak@nsy.brn.justice.cz
Miroslav Kubíček, mezinárodní právní odbor, Ministerstvo zahraničních věcí, email: Miroslav_Kubicek@mzv.cz

On 1 January 2014, the new Act on International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters will come into force. The Act introduces a number of changes in the existing procedures (in the areas of extradition, recognition and enforcement of foreign decisions, cooperation with international criminal courts and tribunals, etc.) as well as new types of cooperation (under recent EU instruments). A Commentary on the new Act by Přemysl Polák and Miroslav Kubíček, who both participated in drafting the new Act, will be published by Wolters Kluwer publishing house to help practitioners with orientation in the new Act and the new challenges it will bring. The article provides a sample of the Commentary on some of the most important issues brought by the new Act (relation of the Act to the Criminal Procedure Code and to international treaties, order public clause, dual criminality and competence of Czech courts and prosecutors in mutual legal assistance when the Czech Republic is the requested state, abolition of international arrest warrants, the possibility to seek extradition of a suspect, rule of specialty, new conditions for transfer of criminal proceedings to a foreign country, etc.).