Mgr. Milan Šimek, státní zástupce, Krajské státní zastupitelství Hradec Králové, email:
JUDr. Jana Zezulová, Ph.D., státní zástupkyně ALO, Nejvyšší státní zastupitelství, email:

The paper focuses on the analysis of the institute of juvenile insanity from the point of view of a public prosecutor. The authors attempt to assess a ten-year-long experience in the application of this institute. They elaborate on the prevailing problem areas which include especially the question whether the state of a certain degree of intellectual and moral maturity should be understood as a special kind of sanity, or if it can be taken as an individual condition of criminal responsibility. The authors lay the emphasis on a careful differentiation between a general and the so-called relative juvenile insanity. To illustrate the problem they present a case study on the basis of which they try to formulate questions for experts to clarify the level of the intellectual and moral juvenile maturity.