PhDr. Jan Tomášek, Ph.D., Mgr. Jan Rozum, Mgr. Jiří Vlach, Institut pro kriminologii a sociální prevenci

The cooperation between different agencies of the criminal justice system is one of the basic condition of the effective application of diversion to criminal proceeding and alternatives to prison. The research of the Institute of Criminology and Social Prevention reveals the experience of public prosecutors and the chiefs of Probation and Mediation Service offices. Altough most of them evaluate the level of the mutual cooperation as good, there are some regions in the Czech Republic, where the concurrence is very poor. The statitistics confirm it too. The clash between the princip of speed of the criminal process on the one hand and the princip of individualisation of the punishment on the other, could be one of the main reason of this situation. The research also indicates that respondents are aware of the limits of criminal justice system in the field of crime control. In accordance with criminal career research, they recommend to focus on the appropriate social policy, in particular the employment and housing of people releasing from prison.