Mgr. Sandra Vareninová, Postgraduate student at the Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of Law, Palacký University Olomouc, judicial candidate at the Regional Court in Ostrava, email:

As the issue of protecting the rights and interests of children in preparatory criminal proceedings and their procedural position in the process is extensive, the article focuses only on the particularities of examining a child witness. In a criminal process, in which a child is involved as a witness of criminal activity, it is always necessary to proceed with regard to the child’s age and immature personality. Likewise, it is necessary to correctly apply the legal regulation in a manner ensuring that the criminal prosecution does not inflict additional injury upon the child, which is often more severe than the injury perceived by the child as a witness of a criminal offence. All these tasks fall upon bodies active in proceedings involving children, on bodies providing social and legal protection, the Probation and Mediation Service, psychologists, educators, as well as upon the child’s parents. The responsibility for protecting the child also rests upon our entire society.